Gabi Ekins is an artist from Poland, based in London. After completing a BA(Hons) in Illustration at Central Saint Martins she unearthed a passion for medical art, and is about to complete her Diploma in Medical Art with the Medical Artist Education Trust in London.
Gabi uses drawing as her primary way of understanding the world and making meaningful emotional connections. She never felt totally at home artistically when confined to either illustration or fine art, and so constantly seeks to blur the lines between the two.
 She grew up on a small family farm in Poland where she was always close to nature and animals; however it wasn't until moving to London, aged eighteen, that she developed an interest in natural history and medical museums. Time spent drawing at the Hunterian Museum was a key catalyst for then beginning her medical illustration studies - Gabi is fascinated by human anatomy, exploring the ways in which the body is portrayed artistically as well as in a wider medical and social context. She is an artist with a passion for observational drawing, a fine eye for detail and someone who always seeks to establish close relationships with the subjects that fascinate her. 
For the past five years, Gabi has been working as a teaching assistant and technician in a thriving art department at a London preparatory school. Working with children constantly influences her practice and challenges her artistic sensibilities; her teaching style focuses on the joy of making, thus inspiring and informing her own daily artistic practice through learning alongside her students. She is also a passionate belly dancer, a past-time that has fast moved from a hobby into a significant form of self-expression. She would love to connect her passion for dance with her medical art training one day!

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