Recently I had the incredible honour to join my good friend @julia.ruston - a plastics registrar at the Royal Free hospital, along with the consultant Mr Norbert Kang who generously let me observe their work in theater that day. It was an immensely moving and humbling experience, not only because it was seeing surgery in real life for the first time for me, but also it being pretty much the last normal operating day before Corona virus situation has changed the landscape of NHS and general health care in the UK. I want to dedicate these drawings to all the health care practitioners working tirelessly in this crisis. It was a true honour for a budding medical artist to experience a day of life-changing surgery, seeing the whole team working brilliantly together ; knowing the patients are in such good hands made me much calmer and relaxed than I originally expected. There was no place for fear as it was replaced with pure fascination and awe.

I'll be producing a sequence of illustrations depicting the hypospadias repair procedure as part of my medical art training. It is a condition where the urethra (the tube through which urine is passed) opens somewhere on the underside of the penis, which is often also bent as a result of the condition. Hypospadias is very common, affecting 1 in 300 boys.
 *I have done my best to conceal the identity of the patients in these drawings

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